My course description: Physical Science Honors short sheet . The Massachusetts DOE website has a complete description of the state framework for Science & Technology ; the standards for Introductory Physics begins on page 74 of the above document.

The Massachusetts DOE website also has many useful resources for preparing for the spring MCAS exams. When preparing for my quizzes & tests, looking at MCAS sample questions , released tests from 2007 and later, and sample Student Answers that relate to our topic will be very helpful!

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STEAM Post-Project Reflection form available here. Use whenever a STEAM project is completed and you need to evaluate your partners's performance.

Additional Power Point notes on our topics can be found at the CPO Science website: look in the Presentation Slides box on the lower left.

COLOR KEY: material we have covered or are about to cover old material that is tentatively or has not yet been scheduled ㊙ notes to myself about material for next year

What we did in class today
What they should be doing at home
Weeks Without Walls coming soon!

Students began final research/STEAM projects, or studying for the final exam.

Each student must complete the Final Project Form declaring what they are preparing for.
See the I Ponder and Junkyard Project descriptions for more details and expectations.
“What is one degree, anyway?”

See the **Concord Consortium** website for cool online apps, and more!
Download and print What Is One Degree video question sheet;
Watch BBC video What Is One Degree and answer question sheet.
Thermal Energy
Temperature & Heat
Reviewed the Farenheit and Celsius scales. Introduced concepts of Thermal Energy, Temperature and Heat, and learned how they are related.
Read Chapter 6
pg. 155 #3-5, pg.157 #1-3 due 5/26

Thermal Expansion
Thermal Expansion. Students bounced around the room as molecules

Heat transfer,
Specific heat
Introduced methods of heat transfer: conduction, convection, radiation. See Consortium simulations for more cool visualizations!
Introduced specific heat and Q=mc∆T
Read Chapter 7
Download Heat Transfer lab; print and bring to class

HW pg. 155 #7-11,13,14,17,19,20; pg. 158 #1-3; pg. 178 #1,3,4,7-9,13,19,20 due 6/2


Watched water reach thermal equilibrium in Heat Transfer lab
Watch Absolute Zero video

more Q=mcΔT problems, showed how to find thermal equilibrium
Download and print MCAS Review; bring to class.


MCAS review
See my MCAS review folder for lots of resources, in addition to my links to the MCAS tests!

Temperature & Heat
open-note quiz on thermal energy
Continue reviewing for Introductory Physics MCAS
Get a full night's sleep Sunday and Monday!
NCLB, Common Core, etc.

Students took MCAS exam!
selecting their final project topic
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the classroom

electricity and magnetism
Worked on electricity & magnetism cheatsheet
Prepare notebooks and binder for last inspection!

electricity and magnetism
Students took last test of the year!
Download and print out the Light lab. Bring a smock!

Color addition, color subtraction
Students mixed liquid light in the coolest lab all year!
Begin/continue their "I ponder" project
Weeks Without Walls

Prepared for presenting independent "I Ponder" projects
Research and preparing their "I Ponder" projects

Specific Heat
Specific heat lab

Phases of matter
Finished thermal equilibrium, introduced 4 phases of matter and phase changes. Phase Change worksheet 1


Phase change lab: watched snow melt; created heating curves for snow and snow-salt. need ice!


Phase changes and the heat of fusion, vaporization Q=mHf , Q=mHv began Phase Change worksheet 2


Worked on and completed Phase change handout 2; began Heat Energy worksheet


Worked on and completed Heat Energy worksheet

Documents in my Outbox are MS-Word documents: to print correctly,DO NOT print as a Google doc!