My course description: Physical Science Honors short sheet . The Massachusetts DOE website has a complete description of the state framework for Science & Technology ; the standards for Introductory Physics begins on page 74 of the above document.

The Massachusetts DOE website also has many useful resources for preparing for the spring MCAS exams. When preparing for my quizzes & tests, looking at MCAS sample questions , released tests from 2007 and later, and sample Student Answers that relate to our topic will be very helpful!

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What we did in class today
What they should be doing at home
Newton's Laws
Inertia, Acceleration

Introduced Newton's 1st Law of Inertia (mass) and 2nd Law of Acceleration F=ma. Showed how to win bets with weights and wine bottles.

Introduced the __Junkyard Olympics Toothpick Bridge__
Read chapter 2
Finish Airplane EDP #3 , due 12/16
HW pg. 49 #2,3-27 odd due online 12/16
Download and print ______cheatsheet______

Continued with 2nd Law: demonstrated how to win bets with toilet paper and spools. Introduced free-body diagrams (FBDs), and the distinction between mass and weight.
Submit answers to ____post-project Reflection Form____ .
Print out ____Forces Worksheet____ and bring to class


Worked on ____Forces Worksheet____

Introduced Newton's 3rd Law of Action = Reaction; students learned that you cannot be touched without being touched in return. Distinguished between balanced forces and action-reaction forces.
Show family how to weigh the Earth!

Practiced creating and editing group documents. Learned how to see the revision history of everyone's contribution.
Researched design for bridge; submit IDP #1
Submit Brige IDP #1
Finish Forces Worksheet


We practiced Free-body diagrams and various word problems.

Newton's laws
Open note quiz!
Introduced Static and Kinetic Friction. Reviewed Newton's 2nd law and applied it to problems with friction
Download and print ____Acceleration vs. Force Vernier Lab____, bring to class.


Students did the ____Acceleration vs. Force Vernier Lab____
Download and print ____Friction worksheet____; bring to class.

Graded quiz

Students worked on ____Friction____ worksheet
HW pg. 50 #16,17,19,29,32;pg. 52 #1,3,4,6,7,9,10 due ____online____ 12/23

Print out 2 sheets of metric-ruled graph paper; bring ~½ meter of wax paper, too.

Completed IDP #2: design Toothpick Bridge on a 1:1 scale plan
Finish ____online HW____
Celebrate Newtonmas with family. See you next year!

download and print out the __Friction Investigation__

__Friction lab__: learned what does and does not affect frictional forces
Download & print ____circular motion handout____; bring to class

Circular Motion
Introduced circular motion by having students chase a dune buggy. Learned about centripetal acceleration
HW pg 101 #7,8; pg 102 #17,19,27,28,3; pg 103 #31; pg 104 #44,1-3 due online 1/13

bring ~½ meter of wax paper, toothpicks and Elmer's glue.

Introduced class how to build toothpick bridges; students welcome to continue building after school
Continue to build bridges

Download & print ____gravity handout____; bring to class.

Introduced gravity & Continued with Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation, began work on ____gravity handout____
Bring __MCAS equation sheet__, pencil and calculator tomorrow

Common Core
Retook the 1st Semester Common Assessment (Mock MCAS)
Continued building bridges
Download & print ____Center of Gravity worksheet____; bring to class

Center of Gravity & Mass
Introduced students to Center of mass & gravity, moments, and stability. Worked on ____Center of Gravity worksheet____.
Showed how to win bets challenging others to touch their toes. Demonstrated how to find COG of canes, rulers with two fingers. Showed how to find COG with plumb line. Demonstrated stability and how to impersonate Smeagul (not Gollum!) with my "Preciousss", how to toss hammers without breaking anything.
Take home bridges for final assembly. EDP #3 progress report due 1/15
Make money from family betting they can't touch their toes. Make COG toy out of a cork and two forks.

Circular motion & gravity
Open-note quiz! Continue building bridges
Download __Gravity and Orbits PhET lab__;
Download and print ____cheatsheet____
Build Mobile for XC, due by end of unit


Scored quiz. Worked on ____cheatsheet problems____
Prepare for test ! Organize notebooks and binders!
Go to the MCAS website and download a______High School Introductory Physics______sample test; print out the equation sheet at the end of the test, use the test to review.

Newton's Laws
Bring plans (EDP #2) and a camera, too.

Junkyard Olympics
Bridges met the Bridgenator. Tissues available upon request.
Final EDP, team evaluation


Scored test
Read ahead Momentum Chapter