My course description: Physical Science Honors short sheet . The Massachusetts DOE website has a complete description of the state framework for Science & Technology ; the standards for Introductory Physics begins on page 74 of the above document.

The Massachusetts DOE website also has many useful resources for preparing for the spring MCAS exams. When preparing for my quizzes & tests, looking at MCAS sample questions , released tests from 2007 and later, and sample Student Answers that relate to our topic will be very helpful!

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STEAM Post-Project Reflection form available here. Use whenever a STEAM project is completed and you need to evaluate your partners's performance.

Additional Power Point notes on our topics can be found at the CPO Science website: look in the Presentation Slides box on the lower left.

COLOR KEY: material we have covered or are about to cover old material that is tentatively or has not yet been scheduled ㊙ notes to myself about material for next year

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What we did in class today
What they should be doing at home
Why do we measure things?
Introductions and adminitrivia
Opening notes & procedures,
attempted to answer the "Blue Sky" Paradox
Review class shortsheet with parents and complete online data forms.

Check__outbox__ for additional documents, such as the conversion chart and conversion and exponents chart: Google classroom is nice, but it will some time before all my stuff is ported over there.

Download and print out the__Measuring Tools__ handout. Bring 3 extra copies and earn a cookie point!
How far can you measure?
significant figures while measuring
took notes on precision of measuring instruments, completed__measuring tools handout__
Acquire class materials
Download and print out the__measuring in "feet" activity__ handout. Bring 3 extra copies and earn a cookie point!
"Man is the measure of the Universe"
Units of measurement
Took notes on measuring and units,__measuring in "feet" investigation__.

Sample MCAS test

Which is better: an accurate definition of precision, or a precise definition of accuracy?
accuracy vs. precision
Took notes on significant digits and had class members throw rotten perjoratives at twenty paces as they learned to count significant figures.
Learned about the difference between accuracy and precision in measuring by using students for target practice.
print out__error in measurement handout__ and bring to class. Bring 3 extra copies and earn a cookie point!
Too err is human; to "Arrrrr" is pirate!

actual vs. relative error
Learned about the difference between actual error, absolute error, % difference, % error. Worked on__error in measurement handout__ on error and relative error.
Reviewed Lab rubric with the Shoe lab. Reviews lab with precision and accuracy.
Complete handout, complete error analysis of measuring in "feet" investigation..
Escorting parents to OPEN HOUSE

Took first open-note quiz. Learned how to score in class.
Download__Scientific Notation worksheet__ and print out; bring 3 or more extra copies for a cookie point!

Get pirate costume materials

metric prefixes, exponential numbers
Introduced metric prefixes in metric system, how to enter exponential numbers on your calculator. Practiced exponential calculations.
Introduced scientific notation, began on__Scientific Notation worksheet__
Download and print out__Measurement Mania Lab__; will use during next long block. Print 3 or more copies for a cookie point!
International Talk Like A Pirate Day!
measuring stuff
Earrrrned cookie points by arrriving to class wearrring eye patches, Patrrriot hats, parrrots, etc. Peg legs optional.

__Measurement Mania Lab__! Raced around the lab area measuring many different quantities, including the diabolical click-clack device!


Finished Scientific Notation and the Scientific Notation worksheet.
download and print__Metric conversion handout #1__; bring 3 or more extra copies for a cookie point!
Why is One the loneliest number? It's so useful!
conversion factors
metric unit conversion
Open note quiz!
We learned how to multiply by one! Took notes on unit conversion factors, learned how to do metric conversions, worked on__Metric conversion handout #1__
Finish Metric Conversion handout
Download and print out the__Area Volume Conversion worksheet__; the usual cookie bribe...

Area and volume conversion
Scored quiz. Handed in lab reports.
Learned how to use multiple conversion boxes to convert areas and volumes. Worked the__Area Volume Conversion worksheet__
Complete the__Area Volume Conversion worksheet__

graphing skills
Introduced graphing: reviewed the correct elements of a well-constructed graph. Learned how to choose a correct scale for axes. Pirates vs. Global Warming!
Download and print out__Moneyball__; print 3 or more copies and earn a cookie point!


Graphing__Moneyball__: millions of $ spent on players vs. winning percentage.
Download and print out__5 lines handout__; print 3 or more copies and earn a cookie point!
(Watch the movie Moneyball.)

Length conversion
Measured__5 lines in cm and inches__, graphed results
finish__5 lines conversion investigation__writeup

add scale drawing worksheet

conversion and graphing
open-note quiz!
Download and print a copy of the__cheatsheet__. Bring to class!

unit review
Worked on__cheatsheet__, went over test expectations
Prepare for 1st Test! Finish cheat sheet, organize binder & notebooks. Print your own copy of the MCAS equation sheet from the Released__MCAS Test Items (with answer key)__

Measurement & Conversions
TEST! Notebooks & binder inspection, too!
Read Prologue of Conceptual Physics

Critical Assessment
scored test, went over problem questions
Read ahead chapter 1