Personal Statement

AP, IB, Pre-AP and Conceptual Physics teacher
SkiSchool.jpgMy path to being a Physics teacher has been convoluted from its inception: I had a prenatal interest in knot theory and succeeded in tying off my umbilical cord.
Since then I have graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Astronomy, bicycled cross country for three years and over 14,000 miles, earned my professional ski and snowboard instructor certification, and made the Dean’s list while studying for my MEd at City University in Seattle.
Until I gate crashed a job fair and accidentally got hired to teach in Egypt.
I have taught in Egypt, Turkey, California and Massachusetts. In addition to building and refurbishing physics programs, I have developed curricula and instruction for Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science and Math. While earning my Physics and Geosciences Professional Clear credential, I have also become NCLB Highly Qualified and certified in Bilingual Cross Cultural Language and Academic Development, Gifted and Talented Education, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate Physics.
IMG_4404.JPGHigher education is challenging; therefore, a student in high school must be presented with challenging material and a teacher must support and help their students as they gain mastery. I also believe students have multiple intelligences, that each learns best in a variety of ways. Therefore I have a variety of best teaching practices, borrowed from colleagues, learned from students, or suggested by their parents. I bring to the classroom every resource I can, from matchbox cars to online simulations, to help my students achieve their best.

Conceptual through AP & IB levels of Physics,
including split-level instruction
Single subject – science – Physics
Single subject – science – Earth Science
CPO, PASCO and other digital probes & software
Instruction for English learners and English language development in Physics and Earth Science
Word processing and spreadsheet applications; online multi-media and simulations

High School
Middle School
AP Physics and IB Physics
Earth Science
Physical Science
“Physics First” and Conceptual Physics
Life Science


BS Astronomy 1990; Univ. of MD, College Park
City University, Renton, WA; completing MEd

School: Leadership Public Schools Hayward
Years held: FROM: 2009 TO: 2010
Position: Conceptual Physics teacher

School: Grace Davis HS
Years held: FROM: 2007 TO: 2009
Positions: AP Physics B, Advanced Physics, Pre-AP Physics,
Earth Science teacher

School: Tarsus American College
Years held: FROM: 2006 TO: 2007
Positions: IB Physics I & II, Physics, Prep Science teacher

School: Irvington HS
Years held: FROM: 2001 TO: 2006
Positions: AP Physics B, Physics, Physical Science teacher

School: San Benito HS
Years held: FROM: 2000 TO: 2001
Positions: Physical Science, Algebra teacher

School: Thebes American College in Cairo
Years held: FROM: 1998 TO: 2000
Positions: Physics, Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Algebra teacher

Special Skills and Extracurricular Activities:
Praised by the Thebes American College in Cairo Valedictorian as the "toughest and best teacher I ever had."
IB Physics certified
AP Physics C certified
Bicycled 14,000 miles across the USA for three years.
GATE certified
Fencing Club advisor
Led ski school in instructor hours and private lesson requests while earning PSIA II certification
Astronomy Club advisor
Science Fair advisor
Grew up internationally
Science Olympiad coach

Travel, amateur astronomy, bicycling, fencing, snowboarding & skiing, SCUBA diving, creative writing, computer programming, web development