Extra Credit for current Olympiad members! We meet Mondays after school in room 416!
Do you wonder how things work? Did you secretly enjoy dissecting cats and cow eyeballs? Fascinated by robots? Are you a fan of CSI? Considering a career in engineering, medicine, chemistry, biology or physics? Do you enjoy competing? Then you should be joining the Science Olympiad Club and helping us prepare for the March competition. Winning teams go on to the Nationals!
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Here are some of the competitions that we can assemble teams for. [[#|Sign up]] and prepare to go up against the best of the best in Massachusetts!
Anatomy Awesome Aquifers Bottle Rocket Compute This Crime Busters Disease Detective Dynamic Planet Experimental Design [[#|Food Science]] Forestry Keep the Heat Meteorology Microbe Mission Mission Possible Mousetrap Vehicle Optics Reach for the Stars Road Scholar Rocks and Minerals Storm the Castle Towers [[#|Water Quality]] Write It/Do It
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