You can find the link to any video we watched in class (and some that we didn't) here. Links are organized more or less chronologically.

Newton's Laws
Circular Motion
Sound Waves
Light Waves

PBS Learning Media has lots of video and multimedia resources. In addition to links to favorites below, I've created a generic login and password Spyponder

Visit Galileo's home and laboratory in this virtual museum!

Caltech now has a great collection of youtube videos, including the Mechanical Universe which no longer available at PBS

NYTimes has a great video Science Channel

Interested in career in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts or Math (STEAM)? Visit the Advanced Technology Education site at PBS Learning Media

Read Jeremy Fink and The Meaning of Life; watch the movie with your family. Discuss and write what you got out of it and what it connects to in class.

Read Hidden Figures ; watch the movie with your family. Discuss and write what you got out of it and what it connects to in class.

Other Interesting Physics/Engineering Related Videos

The creative team at IDEO designs a better shopping cart

David Kelly explains how to design breakthrough inventions and be a empathetic designer

Art meets science at Brusspup and the results are stunning!

Grant Thompson, The King of Random demonstrates random awesome physics and chemistry projects. CAUTION: SOME OF THESE ARE DANGEROUS!

Veritasium's Derek Muller talks to TED about Newton's Laws and making physics movies.

Michael "Vsauce" Stevens asks why we ask why questions.

Feynman Explains "Why" Richard Feynman explains why answering "why questions" is so difficult.

The Kahn Academy: various videos of various levels of difficulty. The video lecture equivalent of Wikipedia.

Just about anything by James Burke. Such as his series Connections (and Connections 2-5) and The Day the Universe Changed

Lecture videos by Astrophysicist Walter Lewin, renowned Physics professor at MIT

Introductory Videos
PBS Learning Media videos on Science and the Scientific Method

What is a Theory vs. a Hypothesis vs. a Law?

How To Convert Units - Unit Conversion Made Easy--A SCHWANBECK.ORG ORIGINAL--If you have forgotten the basics of how to convert units, you need to watch this video

A very understandable explanation of Scientific Notation.

To see more on the powers of 10, try out this scale map of the Universe! Or watch the Powers of Ten unfold!

All kinds of motion and forces videos for teaching, but also great for learning

1D Kinematics
PBS Learning Media my favorite videos on motion

Ministry of Silly Walks Not really any physics content in this video, but inspirational for our "Lab of Silly Walks."

Awesome Post It note Animation made by one guy over 11 months. Very inspirational for our acceleration flipbook activity! Possible XC scaffolding to Art class!

Animator vs. Animation Neat combination of flip-book animation and CGI. Followed by Animator vs. Animation 2

Super Mario Kart Parody great stop-action film. Not much physics content, but inspirational for our acceleration flipbook activity. Possible XC scaffolding to Art class!

Tony vs. Paul fantastic stop-action film. Again, not much physics content, but inspirational for our acceleration flipbook activity. Possible XC scaffolding to Art class!

OK Go's amazing stop motion animation that took 4.2 seconds to film

Love Pixar movies? Interested in digital animation, game design or the arts? Then check out ex'pression College next to the SF Bay, where you can earn a Bachelor's in two years!

Hammer & Feather Dropped on Moon During the Apollo 15 mission, an astronaut drops a hammer and feather while on the surface of the moon to illustrate that acceleration due to gravity is independent of an object's mass. Without an atmosphere there is no air resistance so the objects are truly in freefall.

Feather & Ball Bearing Dropped in a Vacuum Similar to the hammer and feather experiment from the Apollo 15 moon mission, the demonstration in this video uses a vacuum chamber to get rid of air resistance without hitching a ride with NASA.

What do you do with the world's largest vacuum chamber? Drop a bunch of feathers and a bowling ball, of course! Part of Brian Cox's series Human Universe on the BBC.

Throwing a rock down a 1500 foot hole. Is the hole really 1500 feet deep?

Could be used in a 2D problem, but dropping a VW Bug to drag race a Porche is pretty linear...

2D Kinematics
Kahn Academy videos on trigonometry useful to brush up on the basics needed for 2D motion

Boeing crosswind landing tests Boeing 777 crosswind landing Awesome examples of orthogonal 2D motion by "top gun" test pilots. The forward motion of the aircraft is independent of the lateral motion of the wind, so the pilots must compensate.

Top 10 Scariest crosswind landings A mix of awkward, messed-up and nailed-it examples of orthogonal 2D motion.

Concord aborts landing Very LOUD example of orthogonal 2D motion!

Mythbusters Bullet Drop The first on-camera, live-round demonstration of a dropped bullet vs. a fired bullet!

Monkey and the Hunter demo, with lasers!

Launching into a wall What happens when you don't quite calculate your projectile trajectory correctly.

Travis Prastrana flies a car What happens when you do calculate your projectile trajectory correctly!

Dam busting in WWII free fall, projectile motion, trigonometry and skipping stones on water were all critical to the success of this incredible but true mission in World War II!

Newton's Laws of Motion
Shopping Cart Fail An excellent demonstration of inertia.

Tablecloth trick, a Time Warp demonstration of Newton's 1st law

Balanced Rock Sculpture: couldn't decide whether this was an example of art and Newt's 1st law or balanced torques, so I've put it in both. Great XC scaffolding for Art and Physics classes!

In space, no one can hear you sing "Wimoweh" while seeing Newton's Laws on the International Space Station.

Newton's 3rd Law Demonstration This demonstration of Newton's 3rd Law can be thought of as a low speed gun firing a large bullet, illustrating the concept of "kickback." And here's a collection of people unprepared for the massive kickback of a huge gun--Newton's 3rd Law in action!

Monster Truck Tug-of-War. Find the tension in the tow strap.

Unbelievable Russian takeoff What happens when a cargo plane has barely enough force to take off... -warning: includes colorful language (in Australian) that some might find offensive.

Why people who know physics can make money from their clueless friends - or avoid Carnival rip offs

Cat 319D LN Monster Olympic event: the Railcar climb! Brute force application of Newton's laws!
The friction of two interleaved phone books is legendary: watch the Mythbusters try and then try again with a couple of armored tanks.

Tokyo Drift Drift KingLearning to DriftBehind the scenes of TFATF Tokyo Drift: how friction affects the motion of objects.

Everything you wanted to know about the friction of spinning wedding rings.

Understanding forces is key to knowing how to make super-strong stuff.

OK Go's take on the absence of gravity

Torque and Circular Motion
Balanced Rock Sculpture: couldn't decide whether this was an example of art and Newt's 1st law or balanced torques, so I've put it in both. Great XC scaffolding for Art and Physics classes!

Demonstrating precession with a bicycle wheel. (and helicopters if you're so inclined!)

Antigravity wheel? How to apply torque to make lifting easy! Make sure you follow through with the chain of videos.

Curious about precession, centripetal and centrifugal forces, the Coriolis Effect? Then take a spin with V- Sauce's curiosity box on spinning & circular motion! (Though take his statements about the non-existence of centrifugal force with a grain of salt.)

More balanced torque as art, this time in the form of a living mobile

Artistic applications of torque and circular motion by OK Go

A collection of people unprepared for the massive kickback of a huge gun--conservation of momentum!

World Record Jump into Airbag Were it not for the impulse-momentum theorem, this stunt would have been a disaster.

F4 Phantom smashes into a concrete wall. Detailed film of the test of a reinforced barrier for nuclear facilities.

Understanding Car Crashes - It's Simple Physics This 22-minute educational film produced by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety explains the physics of car crashes, covering the impulse momentum theorem, conservation of energy, and Newton's Laws.

Conservation of Energy
Human vs toaster challenge give whole new meaning to "burning calories".

World Record Domino structures that fall like, well, dominoes!
"The website shows even more cool domino stuff. All your kids will be soooooooooooooooooooooo imprest!;)
Have a smashing day!
Bye for now,"
Amelia Macuk

X-Games MegaRamp Think the giant skateboarding/rollerblading/skiing jumps we diagram in some conservation of energy problems are ridiculous? Well here's the real life version.

Bungee Jumping: a fun and dangerous example of conservation of energy. Bungee Jumping for Beginners with Charlie and his buddy Alex.

Extra-long bungee jump into water. Human sandbagging--do not attempt this at home, or away from home, or ever. World's shortest bungee jump. And everybody, save for one, appreciates a good bungee jumping prank.

Kinematics, Newton's Laws, and Conservation of Energy all come together in this clip of a test of the brakes on a Boeing 747. So much energy is dissipated that they catch fire!

Newton's Dark Secrets This full-length NOVA documentary covers Isaac Newton's life and contributions to science and math while paying particular attention to his fascinations with alchemy and religion (which in reality were not as big a pair of "secrets" as the documentary would have you believe.)

Why every physics classroom should have a wrecking ball! Good intro to Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves, too.

Rube Goldberg Machine extraordinaire by OK Go

Fluid & Thermodynamics
Never mind six degrees of separation (or Kevin Bacon). BBC What is one degree DocumentaryTube What is one degree, anyway?

Chiller Thriller part I The conquest of Cold and part II The Race for Absolute Zero

Some like it hot! Michael Stevens asks "How hot can things get?"

Floating a tin foil boat in "mid air"--it's actually floating on top of sulfur hexafluoride, a gas much denser than air.

Waves & Sound
Technically not a movie, but this online tone generator is too good to not post here. Beats, frequency response, and more. Requires Firefox.
Fun things you can do with a tone generator and a rubber hose. No, other fun things...

Simple Harmonic Motion demonstrated by Walter Lewin. Why I want a tire swing!

A huge car stereo vibrates buildings' windows, just to confirm that sound is created by vibrations (and that some guys are very enthusiastic about their own hearing loss.)

Very loud NASA rocket test site makes it's own weather.

Vertasium's Derek Muller was so taken with the physics of a free-falling slinky that he made a sequel and then extended it. And extended it again in HD! And then did a Free-falling slinky reboot.

what's there not to like about Charlieissocool explaining sound?

Music in slow motion: cymbals, drums, guitars, Legendary metal band Metallica, along with a classical quartet, demonstrate the vibrations of strings and drumheads that lead to the creation of sound and music on this 8-minute clip from the TV show Time Warp.

Adam Savage of Mythbusters inhales helium and sulfur hexaflouride, demonstrating sound waves' changes in wavelength resulting from changes in medium.

What's up with noises? (The Science and Mathematics of Sound, Frequency, and Pitch)

OK, just for the record, the speed of sound is NOT constant for all wavelengths!

Paul Hewitt describes the Doppler Effect. Get it from the author of Conceptual Physics himself!

And what's there not to like about Charlieissocool explaining the Doppler Effect, too?

Demonstrations of the Doppler Effect; first with a car horn and next with a fire truck siren.

Super cool video on supersonic booms and shock waves. OK, I think its super-cool.

Constructive and destructive interference demonstrated with a slinky.

Surfing at The Wedge Footage of surfers in Newport Beach, CA, taking on "The Wedge," a world famous bodysurfing spot where incoming waves constructively interfere with waves reflected off of a pier to make ridiculously huge wave crests.

Out of phase metronomes get in synchrony. Good for insomniacs.

Acoustic Levitation - a demonstration of resonance in one dimension!

A Chladni Plate--Demonstration of resonance in two dimensions.

Vibrations in a wine glass: top view, breaking a glass with human voice (from Mythbusters.)

Totally non-fictional instruments from garbage! Go to the Landfill Harmonic site and support!

An introduction to the Reuben's Tube, a device that demonstrates the wave nature of sound--using fire! And here's a Reuben's Tube in action playing music. possible XC project with scaffolding to Music class!

More homemade instruments as inspiration for our Junkyard Olympics.

Unbelievable music played on a wine glass harp by Robert Tiso , inspiration for our Junkyard Olympics Instrument event, and possible XC scaffolding to your Music class!

Several fun homemade instruments played by the Blue Man group, any one of which would be a cool junkyard project.

Inspirational wooden xylophone for Junkyard Instruments. Maybe a desktop model? Or Stairwell? Or maybe this wooden Marble Machine by Wintergatan. Here's how to make one - enjoy!

Fictional instruments from Dreams, Acoustic Curves, Resonant Chamber. Possible model for your instrument? It can be done!

Groovy Walk Off The Earth Junkyard Instrument jam cover of of Hello by Adel

Kids, do not try this for your Junkyard Instrument by OK Go

Light & Optics
Honda ad that uses forced perspective to create eye-popping illusions and Apple various optical effects. Possible XC project with scaffolding to Art and Video class!

More forced perspective and other illusions by OK Go

Making Waves, by James Burke. Mostly concerned with electromagnetic waves, but some behaviors true for mechanical waves, too.

Charlieissocool explaining light and the Doppler Effect. Make your own educational video for XC, possible scaffolding to Video class!

Infrared imaging and visual camera footage of capture of Boston Marathon bomber.

Hilarious mirror spoof! Seeing is believing!

News story about shacks in slums in the Philippines being illuminated without light bulbs using an incredibly simple solution that capitalizes on refraction.

A cool demo of how red, green, and blue light add together to create white.

Dr. Quantum describes the double slit experiment.

How to create refractographs: weirdly beautiful pictures of refraction and reflection.

Ben Franklin's original work and notes recreated!

High-voltage line repair man explains how he is Like a bird on a wire while clambering around 500 kV cables.

What happens when a 500 kV switch opens

James Burke's Making Waves, part of The Day The Universe Changed series. Fast paced tour of all things electro-magnetic, with a British accent.

James Burke's Making Waves, part of The Day The Universe Changed series. Fast paced tour of all things electro-magnetic, with a British accent.

Lenz's law and magnetism demonstrated on a Moebius strip, produce magnetic levitation (aka quantum locking) which also works upside down!

Special Relativity
Minute Physics presents Lorentz invents Relativity
Minute Physics presents E=mc2

Nuclear stuff & Quantum Mechanics
History of the atom and subatomic particles from the Mechanical Universe series

JJ Thomson's experiments with electron charge/mass ratio

re-enactment of Millikan's oil drop experiment, which found the charge of the electron

Ernest Rutherford's experiments with the structure of the atom

James Burke's Making Waves, part of The Day The Universe Changed series. Wave-particle duality, with a British accent.

Superconducting material demonstrates magnetic levitation - more properly, "quantum locking".